The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFPB”) has been injected as a powerful regulatory force in the lives of every bank in the United States.  The additional reality is that everyone deals with banks, so we are all going to be affected by the CFPB’s regulatory activity – whether directly or indirectly. We will spend an hour talking about where the CFPB came from, what it is doing that will affect you, and how to be prepared in the face of this new force that will affect the way that you do business.  Banks affect every real estate law practice every day. This hour will provide insight into what they are being told about you, what they are going to ask you, and how you should answer.  The Bar will not be the only one telling you how to administer your trust account or how to maintain confidentiality with your clients’ personal information.  The CFPB is taking actions that will affect these core responsibilities, and you need to be prepared.

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January 01, 2014
What Does the CFPB Stand For?
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Jonathan W. Biggs, Esq.   [ view bio ]
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North Carolina State Bar
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North Carolina State Bar Board of Paralegal Certification
General Hours: 1.00
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